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Lost Hope

by Gab.riel



The main events of the story happen in the ruined city of Hope, located deep in the sand dunes of Nevada in the year 2020.

This city has a series of shields and wind generators set up, much like a dam, to prevent it's location at below sea-level from being buried in the desert. In late October of that year, the dams fail suddenly following reports of strange creatures in the area, causing the destruction of the city. Three days later, the International Guard and the North American United Army arrive to figure out who, or what committed this horrible act.

Unable to make a dangerous trek into the lost ruins; they create a group of specialists to run through the subway system criss-crossing the city, turn the generators back on, and (hopefully) save the day.

...They did not expect the supernatural horrors that laid within.


Lost Hope is an audiobook detailing the adventures of several modern-day adventurers finding horrific monstrosities and struggling to survive in a city sunken under the sands of Nevada in magically-enhanced near-future setting.

This story is adapted from a session held of a custom Role-Playing game system at Purchase College in the Winter of 2013. This re-release of the first part of this tale on Bandcamp marks the restarting of the project; where I and the remaining players from the original session will be working on the story in short segments over the next year.

So far, part 1 has been released in full.

Part 2 is expected to be released in the coming months.


released September 7, 2014

Noah Kantor, Amaris Sicklick, Benjamin Stopek, Haze Browne, Mary Rose. Special thanks to the Purchase College RPGA.



all rights reserved


Gab.riel Harrison, New York

Springing from the realm of Video Production and New Media; Gab.Riel is an experiment created by Noah Kantor to explore how visual art can translate into synthesized musical forms. Each concept album in the series is written as a short story, whose scenes are translated into emotionally resonant electronica tracks.

To put it simply: Sit back, take a listen, and see a new world with your ears.
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