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by Gab.riel



A klaxon fires above his body. The Traveller's eyes flutter open below his proto-plastic helmet; finding a red LED flashing above him.

He groans out a sigh of relief.

"I guess I'm not dead just yet."

The engines behind him sputter and spark, bleeding noxious gases and antifreeze into the cramped edges of the cockpit. Shifting his form to the cracked console screen, he notices the lack of a destination marker on the interstellar map terminal. The ship is not showing any signs of moving.

"Those space pirates may have shot me out of the sky..."

The alarms cease. A loud blast of air flushes the mangled debris from the port-side window, clearing a view of the dark, twisted, and abusive landscape below. The magni-phone breathes a mess of electronic noise as it hurdles to life, the pilot putting it to his side and dialing a number.

"...but they sure blew me in the right direction."

A flaming ball of searing light rises over the horizon, setting the landscape of messy vines and iron debris ablaze. A quiet morning began on this strange and uncharted planet; with a new visitor.

As the call echoed across the cosmos to reach his employer, The Traveller's lips grew into a soft and pained smile. He was nearly dead, but he was finally here.

He had arrived.


Two months in the making: Arrival is a sequel of sorts to Traveller, both acting as an experiment in storytelling, musical composition, and audio production.


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released August 29, 2014



all rights reserved


Gab.riel Harrison, New York

Springing from the realm of Video Production and New Media; Gab.Riel is an experiment created by Noah Kantor to explore how visual art can translate into synthesized musical forms. Each concept album in the series is written as a short story, whose scenes are translated into emotionally resonant electronica tracks.

To put it simply: Sit back, take a listen, and see a new world with your ears.
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